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New looks at old traditions

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Revisit bygone eras with a down-home apple festival & a 1950s night out on the town.

Apple orchards are one of the few COVID-friendly places to visit these days. But Fort Wayne, Indiana's apple worship is next level with their annual Johnny Appleseed Festival. It’s no surprise this year’s event was canceled in this town that claims Mr. Appleseed’s gravesite. But let’s pay a delightful visit to this apple extravaganza in happier times with CBS "Sunday Morning." Learn more about John “Appleseed” Chapman, find out how apples & Prohibition intertwined & take a deep breath celebrating the simpler things in life.

Remember watching “Happy Days” & other shows about the 1950s and that very different time in American culture? Let Town & Country help you time travel back to the ‘old days’ of ‘50s restaurants with fun photos showing what dining out was like back then. From getting the VIP treatment having a phone brought to your table to a time when a pitcher of tap water wasn’t even safe to drink, it’s a real time warp! There are painful memories too, like the sit-ins fighting segregation. The images remind us of a different era – the good & the bad.

Indoor diner scene of waitress serving customers at booth.
1950s diners were some of the only spots to grab a bite 24/7. Thankfully they've survived!

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