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Nature-made friendships

Meet baby animals who make some adorable & unexpected connections!

Some stories are just too sweet to believe…and this is one of them. Let’s travel to the lakes of Wisconsin with KARE 11 to check out a magical tale of a few loons & a baby duck who defy the rules of nature to create an unbelievable & inspiring connection. We think there’s a lesson in here for us lowly humans!

Empty canoe sitting in lake with greenery around bands
On a lake in Wisconsin, some incredible - and shocking - animal friendships were made.

During miserable 2020, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore actually had something to celebrate: last fall, they adopted a baby chimpanzee from the Oklahoma City Zoo whose mother had abandoned her. They even held a contest to name her & little “Maisie” soon needed to meet her other zoo friends. Watch what happened when adorable Maisie was introduced to her new chimp family at The Maryland Zoo from ZooBorns! And the zoo captured video a few months later of Maisie’s first attempts at climbing which couldn’t be any cuter…we can’t wait to see what this tyke does next.

Baby crawling towards wooden toy train on a yellow background
What's even cuter than a baby? It just might be a baby chimp!

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