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Musical magic

Marvel at the creativity of one songwriter’s mind & symphonies abroad.

Multi-platinum singer & songwriter Ben Folds has one of the best gigs in music as the first artistic advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in DC. He hopes to use his role to bring new fans into the classical “fold,” to use a bad pun. The collaboration sparked a fun idea – why not give people a glimpse into the music-making process itself? Marvel as you watch Ben Folds compose a song from scratch in a matter of minutes before a live audience. It’s incredible to watch! If only we had as much creativity in our lives as he has in the span of ten minutes…

Violin lying on top of sheet music on the floor

Looking for some calming music to help you escape from the madness of 2021 so far? Keeping with the classical theme, Minnesota Public Radio has compiled an incredible list of online orchestra performances from around the world, many of which are free & contain archives of incredible past performances. Grab a seat on your international musical tour!

Sample some highlights from across the globe:

* Japan’s Mito Chamber Orchestra

* The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

* The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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