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Museum-hopping abroad

From Greece to Russia with love…for some amazing art!

Can’t make that bucket list trip to Greece just yet? You can still visit one of the country’s most impressive modern gems with an incredible virtual visit to Athen’s Benaki Museum. Explore this treasure with short videos highlighting their collection – everything from a 19th century lacquered mirror case from Iran, amazing artists’ depictions of the Parthenon from centuries ago & a look at Byzantine jewelry dating all the way back to the 5th century B.C. Also don’t miss other exhibit highlights & their favorite video vignettes. This will tide us over ‘til we can get to Greece ourselves!

** Note: The English subtitles should pop up on all of the clips but if they don’t, click on the gear icon for Settings in the lower right corner.

Want to visit one of the best known museums in the world? Take a spin through the incredible online collection of the Hermitage, formally known as The State Hermitage Museum. The website’s even in English, not Russian! It’s St. Petersburg’s most popular attraction & you can sample many of the three million items in their collection on their website. You can even take virtual tours of their spectacular buildings – click on ‘Begin the tour’ and look out for the “i” symbol for more information on paintings, sculptures & other masterpieces along the way.

Wide shot of Moscow's Intercessional Cathedral.
There were only stock photos of Moscow haha...but enjoy your trip to St. Petersburg!

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