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Museum eye candy

Visit world-class museums with art on the outside & meet one of their greatest creators.

Art museums house some of the most stunning works in the world, but we know they can sometimes be works of art themselves. And there are more out there than just the Louvre or Guggenheim around the globe! Travel to the world’s most stunning art museums for their beauty on their outside, not just the treasures found inside. Courtesy of Galerie Magazine.

Exterior of The Louvre museum in Paris, France.
The Louvre is a beauty before you even step inside...check out other museums with eye-popping exteriors!

Speaking of Guggenheims, architect Frank Gehry sums up his amazing work well: “How do you create feeling from inert materials?” When you see one of his buildings, you can almost pick it out by sight with its curves, twists & sense of motion. Hear Frank Gehry piece together the building blocks of his incredible career in architecture from Fortune Magazine - what inspired him to build things, how a ceramics class changed his fate & why music halls are among his favorite assignments.

Curving metal surface on a building
When you see metal & steel curve in ways you never expected, it just might be a Gehry!

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