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More than a walk in the park

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Travel + Leisure collected several stunning strolls all over the world through everything from wooded trails in Oregon to the streets of Positano, Italy. It’s a nice change from the very important (but slightly repetitive) neighborhood walks during the pandemic...

Hiker walking in woods along wooden walking path

If you can’t believe how much time you've spent stuck inside your own home, imagine being on stay-at-home orders with the British royals on this tour inside Buckingham Palace! This fascinating peek inside a few of its 775 rooms includes 'info bubbles' to learn about the 'bits & bobs’ in the Queen’s home. Social distancing is made easier when you have 240 total bedrooms and 78 bathrooms…

jeweled tiara or crown typically worn by royalty on display

Hit the trails with the National Park Service on virtual hikes in Utah’s Zion National Park. The sped-up video captures all the gorgeous scenery along miles of hiking in a fraction of the time. Tackle a two-mile hike along the Pa’rus Trail in less than 10 minutes or check out the Riverside Walk, where you can almost feel your feet get wet as you finish at the river’s edge. Wouldn’t these be a nice break between your next round of online meetings?

Hikers looking at trail map outdoors during hike

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