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Moments of magic

Jaw-dropping tricks from an illusionist, scary filmmakers & a musician who casts his spells with a guitar.

If you haven’t seen illusionist Zach King's work, you’re missing out. His magic is the kind that defies logic, gravity & your own eyesight. He humbly calls it “digital sleight of hand” but it’s truly mind blowing! The filmmaker & master editor first went viral with his clips on the old Vine platform & TikTok, where he racked up their most views ever. Checkout this amazing array of King's eye-popping visual tricks that you’ll probably have to watch more than once to believe...

‘Tis the season with Halloween for horror films & whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to admit the special effects the filmmakers come up with are often “to die for.” Take a peek with Insider at the behind-the-scenes movie magic on some well-known horror flicks, from how green screen technology helps terrify us to the surprising fruits & vegetables behind some creepy sound effects!

Creepy image of woman behind frosted window
Is this a horror film scene...or does she just need help cleaning her shower door?

If you didn’t catch the magic of musician Jack White on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” recently, it’s a must see thanks to NPR’s replay. Using a guitar designed just for him by the late Eddie Van Halen, he showed off his own guitar prowess. His Instagram post before the show said, “I won’t even insult the man's talent by trying to play one of his songs." Last week, White made other news by coming to the rescue for a 26-year-old street musician in Scotland who suddenly found himself without a guitar due to an angry bystander, as CNN tells us. Talented, humble & kind.

Close-up of blue & white electric guitar

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