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Make your artful escape

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Forget about our anxious times for a bit with these joyful creations in art, dance, & music!

A Florida art museum must’ve known we’re in desperate need of some joyful, light-hearted art right now. Immerse yourself in the whimsical art in the aptly-named “Happy!” exhibit at NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale. The pieces are by artists who “aim to engage the viewer emotionally” & we’re grateful they’re boosting our spirits! From the bright colors to the playful images, everything about it will hopefully help you forget about the state of the world for a bit. Get happy!

Colorful letter balloons on a table spelling "Party" & "art"
If you doubt that the arts can improve your mood, you can’t spell “party” without “art”!

Is there anything that exudes joy more than dancing? Yes…kids dancing! New York’s National Dance Institute brings together children from all backgrounds for their inclusive dance & music programs. Each year, 60-thousand children around the world participate in NDI programs. Tap your toes to this uplifting virtual performance with 50+ dance students strutting their stuff to one of the happiest tunes out there. We so need this right now!

Group of young African American girls dancing in the street

Memphis is known for country music & Graceland, but don’t count ‘em out on classical music! Marvel at the Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s incredible virtual ensemble as they perform the instantly-recognizable “William Tell Overture.” We love their cowboy conductor & the horse sound effects at the start! They’re perfect as you’ll recall the tune as the theme music to “The Lone Ranger” TV show. It’s hard not to feel inspired as you ride along with the rousing finale – best ending to a Zoom call ever!

African American conductor leading symphony orchestra

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