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Luck o' the Irish & Cinderellas

Who wouldn’t be lucky to visit Ireland or win big in March Madness?

St. Patrick’s Day had many of us dreaming of Ireland when that glorious day comes for us travel abroad again. To add some ideas to that future trip, check out ’10 Magical Places in Ireland to Visit’ from USA Today. The music will help put you in the right mood…so grab your Guinness & plan that trip! Slainte!

Pint of Guinness and a bowl of pretzels
Pour a pint & enjoy a trip through the Irish countryside...

March brings many changes to the calendar and the seasons but to hoops fans it’s all about one thing: March Madness! And whether it’s talent, grit or a bit of good luck during a month of lucky charms, Cinderalla teams who pull out big wins against the odds give us all hope anything’s possible! Enjoy a highlights reel from Skies Basketball of the “Greatest March Madness Upsets of All Time.” A few key games are definitely missing from the list, but boy are these fun to watch!

Wide shot of basketball court during game and crowd in seats.
Someday March Madness crowds will look like this again!

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