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Losing it a little

If pandemic month #5 is testing your last nerve, you're not alone! Vent with others in a "rage room," hear a quarantine song you'll never forget, get coping tips on COVID fatigue and laugh with Jim Gaffigan over tackling your day...wait, which day is it?

Is the occasional scream into a pillow when you’re on the edge not cutting it anymore? How about watching others smash stuff in a safe environment? Take a swing at this cathartic clip where Insider reporters visit a “rage room in Los Angeles - let’s just say the room didn’t stand a chance. This wasn't even in coronavirus times! And check out an Ohio outpost for those with COVID rage near Akron, as ABC News 5 shows us. Don't try this at home!

Man looking at his reflection in a cracked mirror.

Teachers have enough on their plates in a good year, so navigating the challenges of 2020 has pushed many to the limit. One elementary school music teacher (who posts videos as “makeshift.macaroni”) wrote an unforgettable song about her quarantine experience. Mind your volume levels...and enjoy the surprise ending alongside Canada’s “Your Morning” show!

Music classroom with teacher on guitar & kids on instruments.
No masks...sharing classroom's nice to reminisce!

According to researchers, we’re right on target in managing the stages of “disaster stress” as we move through the pandemic. Tell that to your high blood pressure as you watch the news! But as fatigue and frustration set in, there are are some solutions. University of California, Davis shares some COVID fatigue coping tips on how we can physically and mentally work through the madness and come out on the other side.

Black woman with head in hands at desk.
"Are we there yet, 2021?"

Laughter is the best medicine, even in a pandemic. Comedian Jim Gaffigan sums up COVID summer and the feeling that we're trapped in a surreal version of Groundhog Day. If only that little rodent could’ve made himself useful in February with more accurate predictions…he pointed to good things to come in March. Not even in the ballpark, mate! Also check out Gaffigan's earlier musings on why we can scrap all those calendar notifications in 2020…

A pile of many clock faces on top of one another.

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