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Lose yourself in beauty

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Clear your head with great fashion, dance & a journey through Picasso's amazing career.

We all know fashion is cyclical…don’t throw out that 80’s neon from your closet – it’s coming back! The Metropolitan Museum of Art helps us time travel with a mesmerizing journey through fashion's evolution with their exhibit, “About Time: Fashion & Duration.” It’s amazing to see how many designs have been borrowed & made better over a century in the fashion industry in this celebration of the museum’s amazing 150th anniversary.

Models on a runway at a fashion show
Cutting edge fashions? Or haute couture hand-me-downs from a century ago?

So many artists & performers are stuck at home this year waiting for their venues & shows to re-open, but boy do they make it look good! Marvel at these two talented dancers filling their homes with magic from the Birmingham Royal Ballet in the UK courtesy of Dance Magazine. The two artists are “expressing the frustration of confinement and the need to dance.” That describes the rest of us dancing around our living rooms since March!

Modern female dancer bending backwards in studio
We would need a chiropractor visit after this move...

Think you know Picasso? There’s way more to him than Cubism! Treat yourself to a calming & fascinating “Picasso & Paper” exhibit tour from London’s Royal Academy of the Arts. This tour is so thorough it’s like you’re there wandering the galleries yourself! You can read the write-ups, take in the paintings & check out the prominent ones up close. Learn what tragic loss triggered Picasso’s “Blue Period,” why he painted in secret during World War II & how circus performers influenced his work. You & Pablo will be much closer by the end!

Juggler inside a circus tent performing.
What could the circus possibly have to do with Picasso? Take the tour & find out!

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