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Loosening up mind & muscle

Find new ways to get centered and calm...and to get out of that desk chair!

Could 2020 really be half over? Yes, please! It’s easy to forget all the things we were determined to do back in April with all that "quiet time.” Well, here are some tips from The University of Texas Medical Branch to find some new “quiet” with a COVID-minded collection of resources to restore mind, body and spirit. They offer three tips to beat COVID stress (far from letting up), calming breathing maneuvers and ways to support your health and immune system with good nutrition. Now if they can just help us figure out why after five months we’re still stressed looking for Lysol…

Woman in silhouette meditating along beach shore.

Have all the Zoom calls and Netflix had you slouched over a desk or on a couch for too long? Get moving with Refinery29 and these gentle stretches to combat too much sitting and those hunchback impressions you’ve been doing. Need more motivation? One biomedical research study found sitting more than three hours a day can cut two years off your life. Imagine all the binge watching you can do when you get those two years back!

Smiling man at a desk in an office.
This guy would be smiling even more if he could leave his desk & stretch...

If you don’t have time in the day to get up from your desk chair, Step 1 might be to start looking for a new job...! Short of that, Step 2 is to put the work down and try these at-your-desk yoga stretches to flex your neck and joints for some quick relief. Now once you’re done with those, how 'bout that Step 1…

Desk surface with open notebook, glasses and a pen resting there.

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