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Living in lockdown

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

A glimpse of some mesmerizing quarantine scenes from the U.S. to NZ.

How did you spend quarantine? For some good friends of Bobsnbits, it was a great time to get very creative! Katherine Bonner & Keith Tannock, two former TV news journalists who’ve worked in London & on their home turf of New Zealand, made the most of a social media trend last spring – they dressed up to stay entertained in lockdown but with their own ingenious & comical flair! Keith dusted off an old waistcoat, they found a tripod, concocted a Victorian theme & they were off to the races. Their regular posts delighted & surprised friends around the world as each installment outdid the last. We’re thrilled to share a look at a few of our favorites & all nine “tableaux” that made 2020 a little more entertaining!

Man & woman dressed up in fancy outfits in living room
"A Night at the Opera"

Man & woman posing with potions and vials
"The Alchemist"

Man & woman posing as explorers in trekking gear
"The Quest for the End of Lockdown"...for the conclusion, head to the If You Missed blog!

Nine small tiles of couple dressing up in costumes
The grand collection of Katherine & Keith living it up in lockdown!

It’s hard to think back now to March & April when the worldwide lockdown was such a shocking concept. In the spring, National Geographic eerily documented the global shutdowns by sending a handful of photojournalists to capture these previously-bustling ghost towns around the world. Even months later, the images are jarring, moving & still somehow hard to believe. But there’s also a tranquilness to seeing these public spaces bereft of activity. Hopefully these famous backdrops will look vastly different soon!

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