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Lighten up

Catch some rays & a "sunny song" re-release to beat those winter doldrums!

If you feel down in the winter months, you’re hardly alone! Seasonal affective disorder is a thing – even the Mayo Clinic warns not to brush off that yearly feeling as simply the “winter blues” & suggests taking steps to lighten your mood – literally. Treatments for SAD include using things like light boxes to mimic natural outdoor light. We can’t provide that, but we do invite you to get some virtual Vitamin D & boost your mood with stunning sunrises from My Escape. Cue the sunlight! Even if only on our screens…

Speaking of sunlight, who knew that in 2019 there was a new music video from the Beatles (really!) of their hit “Here Comes the Sun – songs don’t get much sunnier than this one. It was all part of the 50th anniversary celebration of their Abbey Road album released in 1969 with their stroll on a sunny day in a famous crosswalk. It’s hard to not feel a little lighter hearing this song & seeing the Fab Four photos bring their own light to the world in the end.