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Life's a beach...with art

See how the surf & sand can inspire some surprising artistic creations!

'Tis the season to hit the beach - finally! For most of us, open sand is a good spot for our umbrella & beach chairs, but for American "Earthscape artist" Andres Amador it’s so much more: it’s the perfect palette for his latest eye-popping creations. Thanks to Wired magazine, marvel as you watch sandy beaches transformed into artistic masterpieces with just some rakes & simple tools. And they're only here until the next big catch them while you can!

Rough grooves drawn into white sand
See how one artist turns beach sand into mesmerizing designs!

Most sand castles at the beach involve a pail, a shovel & a cute little kid who envisions their creation as the Taj Mahal. But when experienced adults take the helm, we’re in for some actual architectural treats! Check out some of the coolest sand castles & amazing time lapse videos showing all the work required to bring them to life. Maybe some of the designs will inspire the next “sandy” Frank Gehry! Courtesy of Top Fives…including some bonus entries at the end!

Child after digging hands in the sand at the beach
Get your hands dirty with some sand castles for grown-ups...

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