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Life behind the lens

Focus in on some great documentaries, iconic American photos, Sir Elton on film on stage and a unique view of Bilbao's Guggenheim!

Growing your binge watch list? Check out Business Insider’s recent recommended documentaries you may have missed on streaming services. For films free to all, Open Culture has a treasure trove of 250+ (!) online docs. Hear Roy Lichtenstein & Andy Warhol muse about the creative process…learn why Georgia O’Keefe first fell for New Mexico…see Italian director Federico Fellini’s 1969 film which introduced him to a U.S. TV audience…enjoy songs & memories from Paul McCartney on a visit to the Beatles studios at Abbey Road, and discover from a BBC doc how David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust came to be.

Complex film camera projecting images onto a wall or surface.

Just before COVID struck, New York’s Museum of Modern Art opened its first major exhibit on photographer Dorothea Lange since 1966. Thankfully, they beautifully moved it online! See the photos as if touring the gallery yourself and hear audio commentary from the curator & other artists. Lange’s most recognized image, Migrant Mother,” and other shots from the Great Depression are timely reminders that the U.S. has endured – and overcome – tough times before.

Collection of old-style, collectible still cameras on a table.

Lucky for us Elton John turned the video lens on several of his concerts, which he's sharing in a new weekly online series to raise money for COVID-19 relief. The Elton John: Classic Concert Series runs every Friday through August 7. Catch his first post featuring a young Elton at his 1976 show in Edinburgh. No fabulous costume changes back then, so let’s hope the glasses get bigger and the suits get wilder as the shows go on!

Experience the magic when an urban photographer from Chicago joins forces in Spain with a French freerunner (those acrobatic performers doing stunts on urban structures!). Check out their very cool Bending Gravity at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, which celebrates architect Frank Gehry’s iconic masterpiece as much for its exterior as for the artworks inside.

Urban dancer or freerunner doing acrobatic trick upside down in a plaza between skyscrapers.

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