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Let's go globe hopping

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Explore planet Earth with mind-blowing NASA imagery & let virtual reality drop you into the heart of the Amazon.

With so much struggle in the world, now seems like a good time to take a big step back and marvel at our beautiful planet with a larger lens. Take a jaw-dropping journey around Earth with the American Museum of Natural History and NASA as they piece together satellite imagery that lets you zoom in on some of our most recognizable spots around the globe. You fly in close enough to the Sahara Desert to make out patterns in the sand! There’s so much to take in, but you can find these gems on this magical ride:

04:45 – travel along the Amazon River in South America

09:05 – hover over Africa’s Sahara Desert

15:00 – zoom towards the Himalayas and approach Mount Everest

20:35 – watch the waves at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

25:10-27:40 – marvel at the nighttime city lights of Cairo, Athens & Rome

31:15 – chill out over the eastern coast of Greenland

35:35 – end your tour with incredible close-ups of New York City and Central Park!

View from space of Earth with the sun off in the distance.

If you thought the Amazon looked cool from space, wait ‘til you see it up close! Take a gorgeous virtual reality trek through the Amazon – from hiking through its tropical rainforests to rowing down its rivers with the locals (VR controls in the upper left). Conservation International highlights how important this treasure is to the generations who live here and the planet. And wait ‘til you see who’s waiting for you along a stream bed! Yikes...

Hanging wire bridge in the middle of a rain forest.

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