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Laughter's the best medicine

Nothing beats stress like some good laughs…we’ve found plenty!

Even the Mayo Clinic confirms laughter causes physical changes in our bodies that relieves our stress response & soothes tension. The trick is finding some…we’re here for you! Since we could all use a big belly laugh, especially this year, enjoy some good ones as you check out some hysterical movie mistakes that the directors and actors totally missed, courtesy of The Magnum on YouTube. How can these mega-budget films end up with such bloopers on set? We have no idea…but keep them comin’!!

Yoga class with people laughing as they sit in namaste pose
Channel the laughter & relaxation of these folks when you check out the movie blunders!

When you need a good chuckle, it doesn’t get much better than TV news bloopers. There’s something about watching other screw up & lose focus under the glaring lights of live TV that’s just so satisfying! Get a kick out of a priceless collection of hilarious news bloopers from Mike Riches that will leave you laughing…and thankful that you’re not in this line of work! Highlights: a classic “Today” show blunder & a truly sizzling weather forecast! Ha!!

TV studio director giving signal to on-air talent
TV news bloopers really are the gift that keeps on giving...

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