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Jazzed for gingerbread

Learn about this spicy treat’s colorful history & see some spectacular g’bread houses!

Few things say it’s the holidays like gingerbread – whether shaped like people or built into little houses, its snappy spicy goodness tells us it’s Christmastime. But how did this tasty treat first come about? From, find out the backstory behind gingerbread’s magic! Learn the early roots of the ginger root, the link early ginger ‘biscuits’ had to Queen Elizabeth I & find out which children’s fairy tale is believed to have inspired – or been inspired by – gingerbread houses. If only we could live in a candy house with constant snacks on the walls!

Top-down shot of decorated gingerbread cookies in red, white & blue colors
What would these treats have looked like in Queen Elizabeth's court? Find out above!

When we picture a gingerbread house, we often think of four brown walls, some gumdrops on the roof & maybe some white frosting for snow.But that’s old school…they’ve gotten a real makeover since many of us were kids!Make a house call to ’50 Amazing Gingerbread Houses’ which take things to a whole new level – you won’t believe these beauties (we just wish we could take a bite of the décor…). From Sharing Party Ideas.

Wall at a candy store with bins full of different colored candy
What would you choose to decorate your gingerbread house? (while snacking on the rest...)

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