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Inspired by the times

Enjoy art foiled & fueled by the pandemic plus a COVID reboot from our Riverdance mates.

Sample the dazzling array of art – classic & modern – that the Louvre and other museums around the world were poised to unveil had 2020 gone a bit differently, as compiled by Town & Country. Several places have cool online versions of their shows, like The Art Institute of Chicago’s bite-sized audio tours of their El Greco exhibit - a nice, quick way to break up your day! A few museums slowly re-opening now require appointment times for your visit. This way, you can pop in whenever you want…even in your PJs!

The courtyard entrance of the Louvre art museum in Paris, France.

Artists can be inspired by anything…even a pandemic! There’s already new art emerging from these challenging times – some moving, some lighthearted. Check out these COVID-inspired works of art recently acquired by Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts that they’re unveiling just for you online.

View looking down on an artist painting at her easel in an art studio.

Could “pandemic poetry” become a thing? The BBC thinks so - they commissioned British poet Hussain Manawer in his free-flowing/rap style to perform a poem honoring those lost to COVID. Manawer’s also a “mental health campaigner” recognized by King’s College London for teaching young people about mental health, so his words carry a little extra healing power…

Candle lit in the middle of a memorial display of flowers.

Remember “Riverdance” and its Irish dance on steroids? Those amazing artists are still at it, but now it’s from home and their “Dance for Hope” is a fun, virtual dance performance in tribute to health care workers fighting COVID. Many dance while tackling household chores – vacuuming and laundry day have never been more entertaining! Flying feet courtesy of founder Michael Flatley (his million-dollar feet not seen here…).

Group of young Irish dancers' legs in black dance shoes.

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