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Inspiration is everywhere

Get inspired by a Brazilian tribute to the history of dance, Van Gogh's forest muse and Grammy music gems.

Few things exude joy more than dancing…can you imagine someone looking angry while cutting a rug? Brazilian-born dancer Ricardo Walker, a qualifier on Brazil’s version of the show “World of Dance,” rounds up his crew for an amazing “Evolution of Dance” compilation of famous moves from the past 70 years! The only mystery is how the “Macarena” somehow made the list… Walker’s a well-known Michael Jackson “tribute artist” and the Rockettes even highlighted his Michael Jackson dance homage on their website.

Male dancer from behind clicking heels together in air on city street.

What do a 100-year-old postcard, a dendrologist (…a what? It’s a botanist dealing with trees & shrubs) and a Parisian suburb have in common? They came together this summer to pinpoint the exact forest trees – still standing - where Vincent Van Gogh painted his last work 130 years ago. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum shares the sleuthing behind the real-life inspiration for Van Gogh’s “Tree Roots” masterpiece. Now incredibly, tourists can stand in the exact spot where he painted his last brushstrokes.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Wheat Field with Cypresses" painting
Hopefully someone will find this field next! Another Van Gogh great: "Wheat Field with Cypresses"

What might next year's Grammy Awards look like? Awards for Best Basement Concert or Best Zoom Music Video? 'Til then, the Grammys treat us to their “Press Play” music series (bottom of their page) with music recorded remotely during these crazy times. Country star Brett Eldridge sings inspired by memories of his hometown of Paris, Illinois. Erykah Badu protégé Durand Bernarr performs a killer concert from what looks like his crowded closet! And emerging pop singer Kenzie delivers an upbeat and timely message with “Exhale.”

Group of people singing in a karaoke bar with colored disco lights.
Maybe you'll find inspiration for a new song to sing when karaoke bars open again circa 2022...

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