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If you missed...

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

If you didn't catch these talked-about highlights the first time around or just want to watch or share them again, they're worth checking out.

Edison bulbs hanging from ceiling

Wynton Marsalis was personally hit by COVID-19 when it took his father, famed jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis and patriarch of one of America’s great musical families. In memory of those lost, Marsalis brings together a remarkable array of musicians for an an incredible jazz symphony, “Memorial For Us All.” After the initial heavy tones, the music picks up the pace at 11:11 with their rousing rendition of the jazz classic “Didn’t He Ramble.” This follows the New Orleans tradition of a funeral band shifting from somber songs to more uplifting music to remember the life being celebrated.

Local Pittsburgh musician Nick Navari decided his town, and maybe the rest of America, needed a pick me up in these challenging times. So he grabbed his guitar, keyboard and drums and visited 28 locations all over town to film his version of the Journey classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” to send a positive message to his hometown. He and his film crew – his parents – made good use of the city streets being deserted during the pandemic.

If anyone needs some moments of levity on the job these days, it’s our hard working health care staff. Check out Dr. Jason Campbell, dubbed the ‘TikTok Doctor’ for his dance moves that brightened the spirits of his colleagues and hopefully more than a few patients at Oregon Science & Health University in Portland. His dance moves also tried to spread the word in a fun way about social distancing and alternatives to those oh-so-2019 hand shakes.

Camden Voices, a prominent vocal group in London, came together – remotely, of course - during the pandemic to record their version of the Cyndi Lauper hit, “True Colors,” or as it’s properly spelled across the pond, “True Colours.”

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