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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Spend a few precious moments with some of the most joyous people you'll ever meet!

Colorful paper lanterns illuminated at night.

If this clip doesn’t cure your COVID blues, it’s possible nothing will. Two friends known as Mufasa (‘CousinSkeetHer’ online) and Hypeman make videos for spreading “good energy only.” Shared by Zakafyah Mewts, this viral video of Mufasa dancing his heart out is pure happiness. It’s hard to decide which is better – Mufasa’s infectious joy or his buddy’s tireless cheerleading. Life is grand with a wingman like this!

Gospel singer KD French knew she had a pandemic problem when she found herself snacking 20 times a day…so she did what any self-respecting person with a web cam does: she recorded a song! Singing all nine parts herself - shower cap & all - French created “At the Fridge Again” and quickly gained over half a million views. Go to church with KD!

Two little brothers in Scotland will make you forget about any stress for these next two minutes from the Evening Standard. You can’t help but smile as you watch them laugh hysterically while sharing a sports drink. Who wants to bet these two will be doing about the same thing down at the pub 20 years from now? Cheers, lads!

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