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Sometimes stories seem to come all at once, as if they’re sending us a message. Recent tales of heroism, selflessness and maybe even a few miracles involving the most vulnerable among us were trying to break through. We hear you loud & clear!

Orange paper lanterns floating into the night sky.

If you haven’t seen the act of sheer heroism by California Police Officer Erika Urrea, you don’t want to miss it. As soon as she spotted a man’s wheelchair stuck on railroad tracks as a train roared towards him, she sprung into action. Marvel at this incredible rescue on her body cam footage, as covered by CNN.

Two Minnesota brothers remind us what matters in hard times. Microsoft News tells us Henry Claussen, with Down Syndrome, was helping older brother Will with yard work. But as they dig up a buried bottle, watch as a hidden message is discovered with a special request for Will’s upcoming wedding. Grab your tissues…

NBC’s Richard Engel usually reports from war zones. But as he recently told the “Today” show, his family’s fighting a battle at home to keep his young son Henry from regressing due to COVID’s shutdowns. Henry’s genetic neurological disorder makes him dependent on therapies unavailable for months. If there was ever a story to remind us that someone always bears a greater burden, it’s this one.

Jeison Aristizábal knew his Colombian non-profit serving 1,100 disabled young people & their families couldn’t shut down due to COVID. As CNN shows us, see how he pivoted to help the needy in his community to make sure virtual therapies, teaching and food deliveries still got to them. Aristizábal, with cerebral palsy himself, reminds us that even a pandemic can’t stop the selfless heroes among us.

Colby Douglas is used to competing as a Special Olympics star athlete, but his toughest adversary turned out to be coronavirus. Follow Colby’s amazing journey after 136 harrowing days in the hospital supported by his devoted family, who shared their story with “Today.”