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If you missed...

Stories worth another look: Marvel at real-life superheroes, learn a new way to"grab a beer" with Brad Paisley and his friends around the world, and Zoom with the Queen of England!

White and black paper lanterns against a peach-colored ceiling with small party lights.

Actor Chris Evans, known as Captain America on the big screen, placed an important call to a Wyoming six-year-old to celebrate the little boy’s real-life heroism. As WBZ-TV tells us, Bridger Walker bravely protected his little sister from a vicious dog attack and now he’s getting something special in the mail to keep fighting off evil!

Country star Brad Paisley brings together musicians and beer lovers from around the world for his super fun “No I in Beer” music video. Keep your eyes peeled for A-list cameos (some are hidden among the regular folks!) and good luck learning this new backyard beer trick…

If anyone deserves a superhero’s cape, it’s Antonio Morgan of St. Louis. Check out this incredible rescue video from KMOV-TV where he risks his own life to save a stranger from a burning car. The rescued man’s family can barely believe the selfless feat and neither can we!

You’re not alone - even the Queen of England has trouble with Zoom calls! Watch her daughter Princess Anne try to workout technical issues as Queen Elizabeth patches into a conference call (at 01:10) in this Evening Standard clip where we hear how COVID has affected the Royal Family.

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