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If you missed...

From hair-raising haunted houses to pumpkin masterpieces, 'tis the season!

Scary-looking doors of a haunted house with creepy hands reaching in

You don’t need to be scared first-hand during Halloween – just check out these hysterical shots showing some truly terrified visitors in a haunted house from Huffington Post & feel the spooks yourself! We’re guessing there’s no booth at the end of the attraction selling 8x10 glossies of these gems…

Carving a pumpkin used to be just cutting two eyes, a triangle nose & a crooked smile. But for some, it’s an incredible canvas! Carve out some time to enjoy some mind-blowing pumpkin carvings that are out of this world – some cute, others artistic & many so terrifying they may be haunting your dreams…. Nightmares courtesy of Fresh Boo.

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