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If you missed...

Stories about kindness bring light to the world!

A tent with lights inside sits below the Northern Lights in the sky.

Ebony Johnson was known for providing incredible service & a smile in her job at a Dunkin’ donuts drive-through but she didn’t quite realize the impact she was having on her customers. From WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati, hear the touching story of how one customer changed the lives of Ebony & her family when they were in dire need of some goodwill & good luck. Kindness can happen when you least expect it!

It was quick thinking for 12 & 13-year-old friends when the boys came upon a house on fire in their neighborhood. They hopped off their bikes, called their friend whose home it was to get the door codes & made an instant decision that saved the lives of the family’s pets. Watch the intense doorbell video of how these heroic kids saved some lucky pooches from a scary & deadly situation. From WHDH in Boston.

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