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If you missed...

Some Halloween costumes are more sweet than scary! And they're sure to make you smile...

String of Halloween lights made up of little pumpkins

This Halloween costume will bring a smile & maybe even a tear to your face…guaranteed! 12-year-old Anthony Alfano & his parents don’t let his cerebral palsy stop him from celebrating the spooky holiday in style – this year in one of the world’s most famous cars. Check out Anthony’s fabulous Halloween version of the Ferris Bueller Ferrari from ABC 7 Chicago. And you won’t believe his other spooktacular costumes from years past!

The American Kennel Club knows exactly what we all need right now – dogs in costumes! Enjoy a parade of the most adorable pooches in Halloween costumes – each one cuter than the next. We’re dying to know: how many treats did it take to get these pups to stand still long enough for these photos?

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