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If you missed...

A poet’s 9/11 reflections, a teacher’s cheerleading & an organ donor’s gratefulness.

On September 11, 2001, poet & journalist Kevin Powell was about to fly back to Brooklyn from a business trip when a friend called him with the news that the Twin Towers were on fire. He traveled back by train instead & visited the various impromptu memorials in the city. Read this poet’s inspired ode “September 11th: A Poem” where he tried to capture the emotions which he & so many others were feeling. Courtesy of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

Neffiteria Acker in Atlanta came up with an ingenious way to empower her students with positive thinking. Marvel over how this teacher boosts her students’ confidence with affirmations in front of a mirror. As the Today show shares, she used the idea with her own daughter first & is now changing the lives of her ‘other kids.’

Bob Scarborough has suffered from kidney disease for years. But the NH retiree got a big surprise recently when he learned the identity of a kidney donor – a relative - who made the big decision to help save Bob’s life. Courtesy of NBC News, heir hug is priceless!

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