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If you missed...

These sweet kids steal our hearts with their hugs, dance moves & friendship over a fence.

Wooden, colored toy trucks & cards on a table

Mack Porter & Payson Altice both underwent cancer treatment in Phoenix but here’s the powerful kicker: they’re each toddlers. Thankfully they’re both in remission & they recently reunited after originally meeting earlier this year at the hospital. From the Today show, see the precious reunion between these two three-year-olds following their cancer treatments & try to have a dry eye (good luck).

If you don’t stay up late enough to watch “The Late Late Show” (we don’t!), we’re here to help. Host James Corden is known for getting celebrities to do crazy things & one recent episode was more cute than crazy. Watch James Corden & pop star Justin Bieber navigate a dance class…one taught by toddlers! Maybe Bieber just found his new choreographer!

The pandemic has kept so many people apart, but for two families in Minneapolis it brought two unlikely friends together. You won’t believe which two neighbors bridged a fence to build a COVID friendship – how about two-year-old boy & a 99-year-old woman? From KARE 11, Benjamin & Mary could teach us all a few things about overcoming obstacles that we think lie between us…

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