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If you missed...

Catch the final performance of a comic great, a success story you’ll never forget and a COVID friendship for the ages.

Lanters at night hanging outside among trees.

Three days before he passed away in June, director and comedy legend Carl Reiner appeared on screen one last time to re-enact a “Princess Bride” scene with son Rob Reiner for a charity project. Enjoy his sweet final performance thanks to Vanity Fair.

If there’s a poster child for hard work and humility, it’s Rehan Staton. The former sanitation worker who moved mountains to excel in college is now headed to Harvard Law School. Hear about his amazing journey from WBZ-TV and how it came to be thanks to an equally impressive supporting cast.

For one British eight-year-old, package deliveries quickly became a source of excitement in COVID lockdown – not for the packages, but for the friendship she developed with the deaf delivery driver. And as NBC News explains, the excitement went both ways…

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