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If you missed...

Viral stories about graduation joy & inspiration never get old!

Graduates throwing mortarboard caps in the air to celebrate

Derek Harris was a favorite employee at an elementary school in Salem, AL but he wanted more – so with the support of the entire school behind him, he pursued higher education. From ABC News, watch the touching reception this beloved school janitor received in an emotional tribute to his perseverance after he completed night school & earned his college degree.

One New Jersey grandmother missed a family graduation when she broke her hip, but her granddaughter was determined not to let that stop the celebration. Enjoy a happy reunion as the new graduate surprises her grandma in her hospital room to take a treasured photo with her in her cap & gown, courtesy of the Today show.

The saying goes it’s better to give than to receive & for one graduating senior, she embodies that generous spirit more than most humans. For her Massachusetts high school graduation, Verda Tettah had been awarded $40,000 in scholarship money. From NBC 10 in Boston, be inspired as this generous young woman makes a huge decision thinking of others instead of herself while her mother, who brought the family to the U.S. from Ghana, looks on with pride.

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