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If you missed...

At a time of gratitude, we can’t forget first responders, frontline workers & teachers.

Little girl from behind waving a U.S. flag in the yard of a house

Officers Eduardo Pineda & Chandler Carrera are being called heroes, though they say they were just doing their job. Watch the incredible video as these two Austin policemen pull a man from a burning truck & save his life with just seconds to spare before the vehicle starts to explode, from CNN. What they call just another day on the job is mind-blowing to the rest of us.

Meet Dr. Dinee Simpson, an amazingly ambitious doctor at Northwestern Medicine who NBC News shows us wants to change the world one organ donor at a time. Hear how Dr. Simpson started the first & only organ donor clinic in the U.S. to help African American transplant patients, who typically receive organ donations at just half the rate of their white counterparts. One person truly can make a difference!

Teachers are among the many heroes of the pandemic & for one at a high school in Potomac, MD, her students stepped up to show their appreciation in a sweet way. From ABC News, see how biology teacher Wendy Franklin was surprised by her students with a collective message on Zoom that melted her heart.

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