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If you missed...

Viral gems that give us all a good laugh, including our eternal favorite: news bloopers!

White woman & black woman hugging & laughing
We all could use some laughs...especially at the expense of those on live local news!

Viewers of a live weather report at a Minneapolis TV station had more than just the forecast to worry about when an on-set screw-up occurred (we love those!). Check out this hilarious clip as the local weatherwoman multiplies before our very eyes! And Jennifer McDermed inspired the Today Show, where one Al Roker was charming but ten are even better.

Speaking of bloopers, nothing's more pandemic perfect than ‘work from home’ news bloopers! Enjoy pet photo bombs, kids knocking over cameras & that BBC classic with the nanny crawling around to grab the correspondent's kids. Our faves: at 02:15 when a weatherman is caught with his pants down (sort of) &10:45 for a traffic report featuring Hot Wheels. Aren’t you glad your video call mishaps weren’t broadcast live to the world? But we are so very grateful these moments were… :)

From our friends at in Japan – a lesson in keeping your nose out of kangaroos’ business (note to self…). Two of the animals at the Nagasaki Bio Park were not happy with each other & as they started going at it with right hooks & throat grabs, a staff member started filming. Unfortunately for the zookeeper, the kangaroo suddenly lunged at him – making for a funny, creepy video of the thwarted ‘roo attack!

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