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If you missed...

Viral stories of some special Mother's Day connections of all kinds!

Little girl kissing mother while giving her Mother's Day card

In the glow of Mother’s Day, check out this incredible video of the maternal connection between a gorilla mom & a mom tourist. Kiki, a gorilla at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, marvels at another mom’s infant son while she also has her own little baby boy gorilla in tow. Truly incredible and touching moments! From WBZ CBS Boston, watching the entire thing is a magical experience.

One 19-year-old in Florida's foster care system was sure her days of finding a family of her own were over. That was until her social worker made a decision that changed both of their lives. As the story from WFLA reminds us, never say never in life!

Kevin Mager of Lexington, SC, has a very proud mama this spring. Kevin was born with a rare brain condition so serious that doctors told his parents when he was little that he’d never be able to live on his own. Watch as this amazing high school senior defies all the predictions when he hears from his dream college about his application, courtesy of NBC News. This one’s a feel-good boost for sure!

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