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If you missed...

Generosity & kindness abound in these viral feel-good clips!

For one group of fraternity brothers at Louisiana State University, even decades after they left school they never forgot the tireless cook at their fraternity house. To celebrate the 74th birthday of Ms. Jessie Hamilton, the now middle-aged former students gave her the gift of a lifetime – a generous check to remove one of her biggest worries! Enjoy this tear-jerker courtesy of People Magazine.

One Delaware cop went viral with a video of him shooting hoops where his “hype man” – a neighborhood little kid who was amazed at his shooting skills – kept shouting out “Curry!” as in Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors fame. As CBS Philly shares, see how the policeman thanked the young boy with a special gift & celebrated their special bond on & off the court!

It’s the little things in life that can make someone else’s day. Two-year-old Marco loved watching the UPS trucks drive around his neighborhood so his mom took him to the depot where he could wave to them & send them off on their day. The UPS workers were so touched, they built Marco a tyke-sized truck of his own to show their appreciation, as ABC News shows us. We think they’ve got a future employee! And Marco’s got a tricked-out truck to impress his pals…

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