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If you missed...

There’s so much to celebrate in these happy stories that went viral!

Disco lights flashing around a ceiling amid spotlights with blue & purple colors

Pre-COVID, fifth-grade teacher David Jamison in Tennessee welcomed each of his 75 students to class with a unique greeting just for them. Wow! As KSTU Fox13 tells us, this inspiring teacher created special pandemic-friendly handshakes for each student to keep them feeling special, particularly in these strange times. Known as “The Dope Educator,” Jamison even survived a bout with COVID last year himself, so he’s got much to be happy about these days!

So many people have watched this emotional clip, we didn’t want you to miss it! Master Sergeant Michael Fisher held an extra special military ceremony like no other. Watch as this father gives his son his very first salute as a newly-minted second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, shared by WTSP Tampa. Thankfully someone was there to record it!

Videos of those post-vaccine hugs never get old, but this one is a particular gem. Francis & his wife Roberta spent the year of COVID only able to visit online from her California nursing home, where her memory loss had been worsening. But once both were vaccinated, the couple married for 72 years was finally able to share an in-person hug as ABC News reports [find their story at 18:09]. Grab those tissues!

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