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Viral videos about kids & cupcakes, Sunday service & a wild egg hunt!

The saying goes don’t get your hand caught in the cookie jar, but what about in the cupcake frosting? One adorable little boy denies getting into some Easter-ready cupcakes despite the overwhelming evidence against him! And from the same clip from NBC’s Today Show, watch how a little girl’s imagination creates a “chips & dip” snack for her. Only half the calories!

You can bet no one will be decked out for Easter services quite like La Verne Wimberly in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the past year while attending online church, this 82-year-old has been putting on a fashion show with her stylish hats & unique outfits every Sunday service, with no repeats! As she told the New York Post, “People always looked forward to what I was wearing…everyone told me it boosted their spirits.” It’s boosting ours! And we’re thinking of ditching our sweatshirts & slippers for our next Zoom call to compete with Ms. La Verne!

The animals at the zoo love a good challenge just as much as the rest of us! Enjoy as you watch monkeys & meerkats at the London Zoo hold their own Easter egg hunt to mark the holiday in 2021 with their annual tradition. It’s not clear in this Reuters clip whether they actually found anything – but it sure is entertaining watching them look! Hopefully they got a *chocolate* bunny to eat for their efforts…

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