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Viral videos of people going out of their way to lift others' spirits!

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So many grandparents are finally getting to start hugging their grandkids & the videos of these reunions never get old. Evelyn Shaw had gotten both her COVID vaccine shots but was still nervous to see anyone at her Bronx apartment where she’d been isolating for the past year. Her granddaughter had a great idea to ease her mind – she got a prescription from her doctor for a grandma-granddaughter hug. What a moment from CBS News & Inside Edition. We hope it’s one that’ll be repeated everywhere soon!

When a little boy lost his most prized possession on a flight with his family, all could’ve been lost. But a Southwest Airlines worker went “to infinity & beyond” to return the lost Buzz Lightyear toy to its rightful owner. A really sweet story from ABC 10 Sacramento about human kindness & going that extra mile to make someone's day.

K.J. Dyer is way tougher than most two year olds since he lost a leg in an accident and has had to learn to walk using a new prosthetic. But the little boy’s getting a lot of help from star Paralympian Blake Leeper, a double amputee himself who’s using his own experience & positive spirit to cheer K.J. on. When we watch this NBC News piece, seeing the smiles of these two friends will get anyone through tough times!