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If you missed...

Viral videos that remind us kids say (and do) the darndest things!

White circular light bulbs illuminated as they hang from the ceiling.

In the era of Zoom, this is truly priceless! Check out what happens when a group of second graders lose their teacher during a video class due to her bad wirelessconnection. In the “Good Morning America” clip, it doesn’t take long to see who the teacher’s pets are & who is loving the teacher-less moment!

This clip only lasts a brief few moments but it’s worth it! This British mum tries to reprimand her little one but the child instantly pretends to be doing something else to try to avoid getting a timeout. From SWNS, it’s the cutest reminder to not underestimate the cleverness of kids to get out of trouble!

You thought you had a bad night’s sleep? Check this out as a baby monitor captures an agonizing night of no sleep thanks to a rambunctious baby whose parents who thought it might help with sleep if they all shared a bed. Not even close! It’s tiring just watching this clip from Sumala Chuencharoenwong via Storyful. Get some rest, mates!

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