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If you missed...

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Incredible stories of positivity & perseverance that went viral!

Collection of Chinese looking orange lanterns illuminated at night.

We could all use a daily dose of adorable three-year-old Ariana Young! Her mom encourages her as we watch little Ariana recite the alphabet in the most wonderful way – it's her own “affirmation alphabet” with each letter carrying a positive, self-affirming message. Her mom’s online account with the videos has more than one million views…no surprise. We all need this right now! Enjoy the whole clip from ’87 852 Subscribers Challenge.’ Too cute!

A few years ago, Joe DiMeo of New Jersey survived a horrific car crash which led to 20 reconstructive surgeries. He not only survived all of that, but now he he's defied the odds in successfully undergoing a historic transplant surgery that’s changed Joe’s life forever. You won’t soon forget his amazing story from NBC News or his positive outlook despite all of his hurdles.

If we could only have more people in the world like Henry Darby. This high school principal in South Carolina was concerned about the struggles of his low-income students, so he made an incredible decision in his own life to help those kids who were in need. ABC11 in neighboring NC highlights this angel among us!

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