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See how some simple drawings & dances can bring such joy!

Clear light bulbs hanging upside down with other lights

Meet 10-year-old Joe Whale, better known as “The Doodle Boy” for his incredible and whimsical drawings & cartoons. Armed with just a marker, this British lad sees a canvas where the rest of see a blank wall. And as the Insider tells us, even some restaurants are highlighting his creations instead of hanging paintings!

Turning 80 years old is reason for a big celebration, especially in these trying times. But a woman in Salem, MA, was treated to something even better – a simple, beautiful 80th birthday dance with her husband in their driveway. NBC10 Boston got the video of this birthday party that proves bigger isn’t always better.

How cute are these two? Joseph & Sylvia Dolan, both in their 80’s from Doncaster, England, figured out the secret to getting through the pandemic – dancing! Dogtooth Media shares the adorable videos their daughter took showing what’s been keeping them young…and entertained!

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