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If you missed...

Let's shine a light on these heroes whose stories went viral!

Aussie professional surfer Mikey Wright didn’t think twice before racing into the crashing waves in Hawaii to save a woman’s life as she struggled in the surf. BBC News shares this incredible video of true heroism – and a funny Instagram post when it was all over.

A true patriot if there ever was one, 99-year-old Lou Conter says he’s not a hero even though he saved injured & burned fellow crewmen during the Pearl Harbor attack. As ABC 27 in Harrisburg reports, he’s one of just two Navy sailors alive today who survived the Japanese bombing in 1941. Amazingly, he’s planning on attending the 80th anniversary in 2021. We’re not worthy…

For Harold Drummond with the Waynesboro Police in GA, his helping hand came through a delicate touch for one family. "CBS This Morning" shows us how this quick-thinking police sergeant used special CPR to save one baby’s life. A baby’s cries were never so welcomed by his parents!

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