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Catch these viral stories with a joyful take on the future!

New Year's Eve party & the year "2021" in sparklers

We featured KD French & her one-woman acapella gems in 2020…so who better to help us ring in the new year! Check out French’s amazing & joyous Happy New Year song performance as her joyful energy helps us feel hopeful about 2021. There are many reasons to sing now that 2020 is finally over!

The design geniuses at Boston Dynamics thought we should ring in the new year with some fancy-footed robots. We could learn a few moves from these dancing machines – but it’s also admittedly a little on the creepy side. What if they decide they don’t like the music & go rogue? Okay, we’ll leave the Frankenstein nightmares for another time…for now, just enjoy the fun!

New Year’s makes a lot of us reassess what we’ve accomplished in life to date…you might rethink some things when you hear about this third grader. This pint-sized, adorable tycoon started his own bow tie company…when he was just five years old! The CBS Evening News introduces us to this dynamo, but expect to see him – and the company president, his even younger brother - on “Shark Tank” sometime soon…