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Hear from the lucky ones with a reason to celebrate in 2020!

For the exhausted front line workers at Boston Medical Center, the arrival of the COVID vaccine finally gave them something to celebrate. Catch the viral video of these medical heroes erupting in dance over the vaccine, shared by WBZ-TV & which over four million people have checked out on Twitter. Let’s hope there’s more to dance about in 2021!

There’s something about the British attitude & mindset that we just love & no one embodies it quite like Martin Kenyon. The 91-year-old lucky chap was interviewed outside a hospital just after getting one of the world’s first doses of the COVID vaccine. Enjoy his priceless, matter-of-fact quips about getting vaccinated from the Guardian, including this beautifully British one: “I hope that I’m not going to have the bloody bug now.” WBZ-TV also found a proud relative of his on Cape Cod - see more of Kenyon's brilliant stiff-upper-lip observations.

If you enjoyed the Explore More blog entry with our mates Katherine & Keith in New Zealand, we wanted to share a closer peek at the happy conclusion – the end of their lockdown! They call this one “Burst Our Bubble” when family could finally come over to celebrate life getting somewhat back to normal. What's that like, we wonder? Katherine emerged after plenty of baking, Keith channeled a Hunter S. Thompson alter ego & visiting relatives dressed up & brought over some “bubbly” champagne to celebrate. We can’t wait for a day like this in the rest of the world! We’re counting on you, 2021…

Family members dressed up in costumes on a front porch.

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