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Viral stories about parents going above & beyond to make 2020 better for kids!

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What did you accomplish during the quarantine? Bet you can’t beat Sean LaRochelle. This California dad started a project when quarantine began: he built his kids a backyard replica of a Disneyland roller coaster! As Inside Edition shows us, this is one dad who’s going to have a hard time topping this gift at any future holiday or birthday for his children!

With 93 percent of American homes with school-aged kids doing some form of distance learning, COVID has made the “home desk” for kids as critical as a home office for their parents. But so many were in need…until some very resourceful chaps came along to answer the call, according to ABC News. From fathers to grandparents these generous & handy men around the U.S. are building desks for needy kids. It's helping the parents, too, by giving the kids a place to focus while everyone’s trapped under one roof. That’s an A+ all around!

Anyone who’s been the “new kid” at a new school can relate to nine-year-old Canadian Damien Smith. He wasn’t excited about his 9th birthday with COVID restrictions & the hard time he’d had making new friends, so his parents posted online about it asking for help. Soon Damien was celebrated with 1,000+ cards & gifts from strangers & a special message from Canada’s own Ryan Reynolds, a favorite actor of Damien’s. In this clip from Global News, we're reminded good things can come out of 2020!

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