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If you missed...

Catch these viral gems to add an inspiring boost of happiness to your day!

At 21-years-old, Chris Nikic would be impressive completing the Iron Man race just on his age alone. But he made some serious history doing it! CNN helps us meet Chris, the first person with Down syndrome to complete Iron Man’s grueling triathlon, which involves a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride & a 26.2 marathon run. Wow. We’re not worthy, Chris!

Six-year-old Sam from Memphis aims high as he delivers an amazing rap of the alphabet with high-profile careers for each letter that he thinks kids should consider when they grow up. His father beat boxes in the background in this “More With Sam” clip. You go, Sam! Maybe he should switch “A” to “actor” because he’s go the performance down & remembers all of his lines perfectly! This kid's going places...

You’ll never again think you’re too old to start doing something new once you meet Lucy Pollack. This 98-year-old took her love of baking to the internet during the pandemic with online cooking lessons that drew an instant following & this profile on the “Today” show. What an inspiration she is for doing what you love for as long as you can & sharing your talent with others!

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