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If you missed...

Catch these viral gems about amazing heroes who we salute this Veterans Day! Thank you, veterans!

Louis Graziano not only fought off the Germans in World War II, but this military veteran just survived COVID…at 97 years old! As WJBF-TV reports, he’s not just any vet – he’s reportedly the last surviving witness to the surrender of the Germans to the Allied Forces in May of 1945. And you won’t believe what impressive accomplishment he just achieved last year!

Is there anything better than stories about military members surprising their children with home visits? Watch as Navy Lt. Chip Robertson dons a great disguise before stunning his kids with his true identity. Courtesy of ABC News - these stories never get old!

With all the other news this summer, you may have missed a huge story – the U.S. Navy celebrated its first black female fighter pilot! ABC News tells us Madeline Swegle, a U.S. Naval Academy grad, made history when she earned her “Wings of Gold” this summer. Get to know Swegle a little better with a “Top Gun”-esque profile of this history-making aviator from Defense Flash News. We feel the need...the need for speed!

Man’s best friend can also be so much more, as military reservist Andrew Einstein can attest. After serving tours in Iraq & Afghanistan, sadly he contemplated suicide until a service dog saved his life. Hear how a miraculous pooch, Gunner, thankfully brought this soldier & father of two back from the brink. Thanks to Fox 29 in Philly for highlighting his story.

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