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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Much-needed feel-good stories in election week & a dose of Paul Rudd!

Crowd of people waving U.S. flags
Let's all raise a flag for election week! But where oh where are these people's masks?

When a little girl in California lost her beloved baseball card collection to the wildfires when her family’s home was destroyed, one man heard her story & had an idea. Kevin Ashford had a massive baseball card collection of his own – hear how his incredible generosity brought joy back to the nine-year-old baseball fan.

Actor Paul Rudd surprised voters at a polling place in New York City by handing out cookies as they waited in the rain, shared by Now This News. One woman thanked Rudd for “never aging” – a running joke played up in a recent PSA with Rudd about the importance of wearing masks where the ageless 51-year-old spoke to his “millennial” crew.

Talk about selfless – a teenager battling lymphoma became the Make-A-Wish organization’s 500,000th granted wish. But instead of asking for something for herself, 16-year-old Karina organized “Kamp Karina” – setting up a camp for other ailing kids with fun activities like dance, magic, science & even storytime to help them forget about their illnesses. Hear her unbelievable story of selflessness from ABC Denver 7.

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