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Viral gems & feel-good stories of Halloween joy, a history-making teacher & music’s healing power.

Field of lit-up jack-o-lanterns for Halloween

Every kid loves to get excited over a cool Halloween costume, especially those wonderful children with added challenges in life. Thanks to Inside Edition from a recent holiday season (pulling from the archives!), check out these amazing custom-made Halloween costumes bringing smiles to disabled children who just want to join in on the holiday fun. Hopefully this year they’re able to keep celebrating safely from home!

Saying teachers have had a rough 2020 is a big understatement, so especially this year it’s great when they’re recognized for their hard work. And for one Dallas teacher, it landed him in the record books, as NBC News tells us. Hear how elementary teacher Eric Hale made history as the first black man to win the Texas Teacher of the Year award. What lucky students!

Carol Rosenstein knows first-hand how music heals. Years ago, she started a band for her husband Irwin & fellow neurodegenerative diseases sufferers when she saw how much music helped Irwin with his Parkinson's. Her non-profit, Music Mends Minds, expanded the bands to others. Now hear from CNN Heroes how Rosenstein is uniting musicians around the world virtually during COVID to keep the music playing.

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